Wednesday, April 16, 2008


RM 59.90
(WM & EM)

NH X-Tummy formulation specially done for today's modern city workers and those with pear-shaped and apple shaped body who face weight gain problems.

The Uniqueness of NH X-Tummy is the function of re-firm the loose skin texture and prevents fine line and excess curve after fats elimination. Thus, your skin elasticity regenerated and shape up your body shape which result for a long lasting slim effect.

NH X-Tummy is specially tailor made for those who need to digest foods and stimulate bowel movement as well. With consumption of NH X-Tummy, it will help to relieve constipation and strengthens the ability of body to release waste and excrement naturally and comfortably.


Tracy said...

I have been giving birth abt 10 mth, so taking tis product 4 abt 6 mth. 1st month, do improve but d following mth doesn't work much. I did take d NH Detoxlim Tea too. Am i immune with tis product? I also cut down my food n sometimes i skip my breakfast just go for a drink only. Eg: coffee or tea. Why?

Daisy said...

Daisy said
I have taken this products for about 1 month but there is still no sign of slim down but only put in extra pounds, the stomach get very uncomfortable. The advertisement and the products looks very impressive but it's a complete waste of money, afford, time and energy of the person that believe in it. How can i claim back the money by returning the products which i have over purchased due to the attractive promotion?